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180Mins 500m RC Distacne Auto RC Remote Control Fishing Bait Boat Speedboat Fish Finder Ship Boat With EU charger US/UK Charger

180Mins 500m RC Distacne Auto RC Remote Control Fishing Bait Boat Speedboat Fish Finder Ship Boat With EU charger US/UK Charger

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  • With 1pcs battery:You only can get one Inside battery(Built in Boat) if you select the boat with 1pcs battery,and you can connect electricity like the under picture



  • With 2pcs battery:You not only can get one Inside battery(built in boat) if you select the boat with 2pcs battery,But also you can get one extra battery.and you can connect electricity like the under picture


​The First Inside Battery(Connect Electricity Like it)         The Second Extra Battery(Connect Electricity Like it) 



  1. (It depend on your selection)Double(2) hopper design: It is especially important to control the fixed point nesting in the wide fishing environment of the waters! With the open-position design, each bait bin can be opened separately and nested, with a large load!
  2.  (It depend on your selection) Double(2) LED night light design, lighter and brighter, and remote control to turn the light on or off remotely
  3. Boat body adopts high quality ABS material to inject molding, more stable and firm which can againt the stong wind and wave, great outlook.
  4. Exquisite workmanship and quality.
  5. Double motors, huge loading Two separate bait tanks which can be controlled separately.Super large capacity baits tank,weight is 1.5kg
  6. 3-4 level wind resistance
  7. 500M remote control distance without the interference, signal is more stable under the clear environment.
  8. Great value, low noise, high performance with affordable price
  9. High capacity Lithium battery, which is put into the middle of the boat body and more stable, can be charged more fastly and more power
  10. The propeller cover can prevent the water grass from twinning
  11. Waterproof grass double motor design,with the waterproof cover
  12. Fully enclosed hull, multi-layer closed structure to prevent hull leakage
  13. The boat can Automatic correction of routes if it is correct
  14. It is with double motor,Improve propeller blades with strong speed
  15. it is update battery capacity ,the battey is 5200mah,power is great
  16. it is update battery usage Indicator light,Accurate display of electricity
  17. Upgrade one-hand remote control, fishing and nesting is more convenient
  18. Fully enclosed hull design can Prevent the hull from leaking
  19. Led light can fish in the night and Attracting fish
  20. It is with big capacity Bait compartment and can carry Large amount of bait

Remote Control Use :

  1. The power of the remote control is turned on once and then turned on,The power indicator is always on red.
  2. Follow the arrow keys to drive back and forth
  3. After reaching the nesting point, press the nesting switch, and the bait bin opens the lower bait in time.
  4. The charger is charged for the Android universal interface and can be plugged into the charging treasure.
  5. When using a nesting ship, you need to open the boat switch and the remote control switch.


Package List:
  1. RC Boat*1;Remote contorl*1;Built in 5200Mah Recharge Battery for boat*1 or 2(it depend on your selection);Charger*1;Manual*1










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