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Russian Voice Tonometer Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Wrist Digital Meter for Measuring And Pulse Rate Sphygmomanometer

Russian Voice Tonometer Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Wrist Digital Meter for Measuring And Pulse Rate Sphygmomanometer

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2020 Последнее обновление Russian Voice Запястье Сфигмоманометр Измеритель артериального давления Монитор сердечного ритма Портативный тонометр Тонометр BP Последний дизайн, немецкий чип, лучшее качество, более точный
2020 Latest upgrade Russian Voice Wrist Sphygmomanometer Blood Presure Meter Monitor Heart Rate Pulse Portable Tonometer Tonometer BP    Latest design, German chip,  better quality, more accurate 
Дорогие друзья, обновление продукта, немецкий чип, точнее, русский голос, добро пожаловать на покупку! Может позволить россиянам услышать номер, лучше, удобнее пользоваться машиной
.Dear friends, product upgrade,  German chip, more accurate, Russian voice,  welcome to buy! Can let the  russia  people hear the number, better, more convenient to use the machine

Не нужно снимать одежду при измерении
No need to take off your clothes when measuring
Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, чтобы выбрать 3 разных модели: только «Голос России» имеет функцию голоса России
Please pay attention to choose 3 different Models:only "Russia voice" has russia voice fuction 
1. Display mode: liquid crystal display screen
2. Measuring mode:depressurization type oscillometric method for measurement
3. Power supply: tow AAA alkaline batteries (3V)
4. Measurement range:(20-280)mmHg/(2.7-3.7) kPa (blood pressure) ,(40-160) times/min (pulse rate)
5. Accuracy:±3mmHg/±0.4kPa (blood pressure) ±5%(pulse rate)
6. Air charging mode: automatic charging
7. Air leakage device: air relief valve
8. Quick air leakage : electronic air release valve
9. Result display:high pressure/low pressure/pulse
10.Unit conversion :conversion of blood pressure value unit mm Hg/KPa (default unit when start is mmHg)
11.Number of memory groups:Double 99 memory groups.
12.Low battery inspection:LCD displays symbol "battery" to indicate low battery
13.WHO tip:blood pressure warning strip is used to indicate blood pressure and health status
14.Arrhythmia tip:LCD displays  "♥" flickering to indicate arrhythmia
15.Overpressure protective function :automatically releases air when air pressure exceeds 295mmHg(20MS)
16.Automatic shutdown function :automatic shutdown in one minute when there is no operation
17.Current:dynamic current less than 500mA , statistic current less than 30 mA , shutdown current less than 20uA
18.Normal working conditions:
    a) Environment temperature:10-40 degrees Celsius
    b)Relative humidity:less than or equal to 85%
    c)Atmospheric pressure: 85kPa ~ 105kPa




2016-New-Health-Care-Germany-Chip-Automatic-Wrist-Digital-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-Tonometer-Meter-for-Measuring (1)2016-New-Health-Care-Germany-Chip-Automatic-Wrist-Digital-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-Tonometer-Meter-for-Measuring (2)2016-New-Health-Care-Germany-Chip-Automatic-Wrist-Digital-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-Tonometer-Meter-for-Measuring (3)2016-New-Health-Care-Germany-Chip-Automatic-Wrist-Digital-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-Tonometer-Meter-for-Measuring (4)2016-New-Health-Care-Germany-Chip-Automatic-Wrist-Digital-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-Tonometer-Meter-for-Measuring





для измерения артериального давления и частоты пульса
Это с чипом Германии, очень точно.
И он пошлет с полным английским пакетом как с внутренней пластиковой белой коробкой, так и с тканевой сумкой и внешним картонным пакетом, очень красивый. Можно отправить в подарок!
Для продуктов с голосовой функцией голосовая функция может быть отключена, команда имеет рабочий поток и голос может быть отключен.
for measuring blood pressure and pulse rate
It is with germany chip, very accurate.
And it will send with full English Package both with inner Plastice White Box and carry cloth bag and Outside Carton Package, very beautiful. Can send as gift! 
For products with voice function, the voice function can be turned off, the command has an operation flow, and the voice can be turned off.



Some old people whose blood vessel is very hard is more suitable for upper arm type

blood pressure monitor,because their wrist's blood is not so active.

you can also find this type in our shop!

It use Germany Chip , But it is made in China. In this way, it can be both good quality and best price.


We provide free shipping by Aliexpress standard shipping. It can track all the way and fast. To Russia if quick about 10 days. Mostly it will arrive within a month.




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