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SENANA Hyaluronic Acid Facial Cleanser Remove Acne Blackhead Deep Cleansing Control-oil Moisturizing Nourish Blemish Skin Care

SENANA Hyaluronic Acid Facial Cleanser Remove Acne Blackhead Deep Cleansing Control-oil Moisturizing Nourish Blemish Skin Care

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Clean and refreshing; Comfortable oil-control

SENANA Male Fresh and Clear Facial Cleanser Brand: SENANA Specification: 60g Period of use: See physical indication Efficacy: Clean the excess oil and dirt on the face to improve dry skin ; Water supplement; Moist and delicate; Clear and hydrating

Skin is the body's protective wire

Modern male skin exposed for a long time in computer radiation air pollution and other environments, staying up late, life pressure and other reasons “Problem skin” keeps coming back after using many products Oily skin; Tired looking; Blackheads overgrow

Male skin is such different

It's important to choose a cleanser that suits men's skin 1.Men's skin is naturally thicker than women's and harder to clean 2.Men's skin is rich in oil secretion, which makes skin full of oily shine 3.The pressure of life, staying up late to work overtime or drinking to sociate etc. causes skin to be short of water and dry which makes the look older

Gentle and skin-friendly; Delicate foam

Stylish man always online everywhere and anytime Mild cleaning Remove excess oil and dirt from the face Refresh and cleansing After using, the skin is fresh and not tight, giving you a comfortable experience Delicate foam Make skin fresh, moist, tender, smooth and not tight

Three effect unite; Only for men

Make skin clean, comfortable and natural Deeply cleansing; Oil-control and hydrating; Soothing skin

Help men clean skin

Retort selected three components of essence Glycerinum Helps retain moisture from the skin and absorbs moisture from the air Cocamidopropyl Rich and fine foam; Mild and non-irritating; Clean skin; Fresh and non-greasy Dodecylic acid Small molecule essence can be absorbed easily to keep skin moist while cleaning skin

Skin cleansing and skin caring

Easy to remove dirt; clean and oil-control Mild cleaning and non-irritating Gently absorb excess oil from the skin without damaging the skin surface oil and caring for the skin Cleaning and not tight Scientifically proportioning; facial cleansing + hydrating provides moisture for the skin to keep it clean and not dry


Cleansing trilogy Be using After moistening the face, apply proper amount of cleansing cream and knead to form Using Massage gently on the face for a moment in a circular motion Used Rinse with clean water and wipe dry Time to use the cleanser: Once in the morning and once in the evening

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